Day 123: When Marriage Becomes Routine

What is predictable in your marriage?  routineWhat has become something of a “tradition?”

#MarriageThought Day123: In a world where marriage is crumbling, don’t let stagnate stability be enough.

I’m talking about anything that has become somewhat routine.  Maybe it’s what activities you do on certain days.  Maybe it’s what you do when you get home from work.

We like routines.  We prefer predictability.  And for good reason.  Predictability is stable, it is safe.  Routines give us a sense of control.

But do we ever stop and consider how some routines start?  There is nothing wrong with establishing purposeful routines or traditions to benefit our families, but there is danger in passively allowing repetitive actions become routine, to be expected, and accepted in our marriage.  While routine can build trust, meaning, and stability,

they can also keep us from moving forward.

We can end up in a perpetual cycle of routines in our marriages that leave them stable and predictable, but constantly stagnated at the same point.  And when the goal of our marriage is survival, we can accept this stagnate stability as a resounding success, and cease any forward motion.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. – 2 Peter 3:18

So what passive “routines” have we built that simply become expectations?  Maybe it’s the way we use our money, or the frequency of date nights, or when we have sex, or how we do our family devotions….anything.  The point is, we can get stuck in these routines that just formed out of passive repetition, without ever considering the impact they may or may not be having on our families – good or bad.

Paul explains that in his life, he “pressed on toward the goal.”  So what about us?  Are we leading our families forward, or just constantly around the same circles?

Today: Take time to step away from what has become normal or expected and consider the impact of the routines we have built.

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